S7-Panel-PLC 10″ CPU-P / flat / no periphery slots onboard

With 640kB work- and 24MB visualization memory does the smallest INSEVIS-Panel-PLC start with WVGA in 16:9 format. The brilliant display is an eye catcher for itself, lots of genial solved objects make this panel to a powerful -but easy to create- visualization. The integrated CPU-P contains interfaces like Ethernet (S7-communication, TCP, UDP), Modbus (TCP, RTU), CAN (CANopen and Layer2), RS232 and RS485 (free ASCII) and optional Profibus DP V0 (Master, Slave). This device is intermountable to the 10“-devices with CPU-T to update existing applications easily.
Attention status: discontinued!

PC1000P-0-0310,2″-Panel-PLC with integrated CPU-P
PC1000P-DPM-0310,2″-Panel-PLC with Profibus DP V0 Master and integrated CPU-P
PC1000P-DPS-0310,2″-Panel-PLC with Profibus DP V0 Slave and integrated CPU-P
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