S7-Panel-HMI 5,7″ with 320×240 pixel resolution

For those who miss the TP/MP177 panels from Siemens, this unit will be the solution: 320×240 pixel in 4:3 format at 5,7” diagonal with 65k colors better up old solutions by far and keep it alive for lots of years. There are so much more functions, solved in an easier way. A visualization is created, modified or converted into another panel in a very short time. The same resolution like the 3,5”-panels (QVGA) allows to offer different price levels with the exactly same visualization.

HMI570V-0-03Touchpanel-HMI 5,7″ with integrated CPU-V
HMI570P-0-03Touchpanel-HMI 5,7″ with integrated CPU-P
Technical data HMI570V/P (all) – English
Manual HMI570V/P (all) – English
Accessories HMI570V/P (all) – English
Template cut out 1:1 HMI570V/P (all)
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