High speed counter module with functionality by download

Finally a function module with high speed counters (125kHz) and digital In-/Outputs for 2A, where the desired configuration will be selected and downloaded by the cosat free configuration tool ConfigStage. To be really flexible and to prevent too many different modules on stock. If this functionality is counting up/down, frequency- or period time measurement, or whatever will come – all will be assigned by software. the hardware is only different for different signal types; 5V / 24V / RS422.

PM-DIO8Z-5V-03Function module 6 counter 5V and 2 digital in- or outputs 2A
PM-DIO8Z-24V-03Function module 6 counter 24V and 2 digital in- or outputs 2A
PM-DIO8Z-RS422-03Function module 6 counter RS422 and 2 digital in- or outputs 2A
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