S7-Panel 7″ with 800×480 pixel resolution

This S7-Panel 7″ with WVGA resolution is the more powerful pendant to the 7″-panel HMI700P. The reason is the integrated CPU-T. This contains more memory, a faster processor and 2 Ethernet ports, working as a switch. Perfect for medium sized applications because of its huge functionality. The modern 16:9-format allows to visualize more objects in one screen – good for trend graphs as well. And you will find a free 4x VNC-server integrated.

HMI710T-0-03Touchpanel-HMI 7″ with integrated CPU-T
Technical data HMI710T – English
Manual HMI710T – English
Accessories HMI710T – English
Template cut out 1:1 HMI710T
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