The easiest way to a decentral periphery

These head stations for 3, 7 er 11 periphery slots are so easy to config, that it is learned and done in a minute. Just assign the node ID on the hexadecimal turn switches in the head stations and insert this value into the cost free configuration tool ConfigStage – ready. I/O start addresses will be assigned automatically and controlled by an internal plausibility test. Up to 127pcs. of these stations can be connected to an INSEVIS S7-CPU. A solid metal cover protects the inserted periphery modules.

DP303C-02Head station with 3 periphery slots
DP307C-02Head station with 7 periphery slots
DP311C-02Head station with 11 periphery slots
Technical data DP303C – English
Technical data DP307C – English
Technical data DP311C – English
Manual DP3xxC (all) – English
Accessories DP3xxC (all) – English
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