Pure S7-PLCs for DIN-rail mounting – 50mm wide

By a width of only 27…50mm these compact pure S7-PLCs  CC300V/T are wqithout peripher slots. They provide a large working- (512kB/1MB) and load memory (2MB/8MB) and a lot of interfaces. This is Ethernet (S7-communication, TCP, UDP), Modbus (-TCP and -RTU), CAN (CANopen and Layer2), RS232 and RS485 (free ASCII). Profibus DP V0 (Master/Slave at CPU-V) resp. Profinet IO Controller (at CPU-T, what proviedes 2 separated Ethernet-ports too) are available optionally. Decentral peripheries can be integrated easily by the cost free configuration tool ConfigStage. This prefers these devises for gateway applications. Your logo and article number? No problem – can be included with the 1st piece.

CC300V-0-03DIN-rail S7-PLC with integrated CPU-V
CC300V-DPM-03DIN-rail S7-PLC with Profibus DP V0 Master and integrated CPU-V
CC300V-DPS-03DIN-rail S7-PLC with Profibus DP V0 Slave and integrated CPU-V
CC300T-0-03DIN-rail S7-PLC with integrated CPU-T
CC300T-PNC-02DIN-rail S7-PLC with Profinet IO Controller and integrated CPU-T
Technical data CC300V – English
Technical data CC300T – English
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