S7-Panel-PLC 15,6″ flat / no periphery slots onboard

The largest touchpanel with 1366x768pixel is one of the most sold large Panel-PLCs of INSEVIS and is used in medium and large automation projects. Do not forget: all the CPU-T -interfaces with the 2port-Ethernet plugs and the optional Profinet-IO Controller, all this functions are realized in a 55mm deep device. Now with 2 single devices; one with Profinet, one without. Both with web- and VNC-server included. Once more the INSEVIS- engineers show their German engineering.

PC1560T-0-0315,6″-Panel-PLC with integrated CPU-T
PC1560T-PNC-0215,6″-Panel-PLC with integrated Profinet IO Controller and CPU-T
Technical data PC1560T (all) – English
Manual PC1560T (all) – English
Accessories PC1560T (all) – English
Template cut out 1:1 PC1560T (all)
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