S7-Panel-PLC 10,1″ with onboard periphery slots

These Panel-PLCs are only 95mm deep and contain up to 126 digital or 70 analog I/Os below the metal rear cover, what can be customized on each slot. The integration of 7 slots for INSEVIS periphery modules into the PC1010T combines all the existing advantages with different modular periphery onboard. By the range of interfaces of the CPU-T (Ethernet (S7-communication, TCP, UDP), Modbus (TCP, RTU), CAN (CANopen and Layer2), RS232 and RS485 (free ASCII) and optional Profinet IO Controller) it is no problem to add more external periphery, if needed.

PC1017T-0-0210,1″-Panel-PLC with integrated CPU-T
PC1017-PNC-0210,1″-Panel-PLC with integrated Profinet IO Controller and CPU-T
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Template cut out 1:1 PC1017T (all)
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