The S7-CPU-T in the INSEVIS-devices

This C7-CPU-T was made for fast processing, short cycle times and larger panel sizes. With 1MB work- 8MB load and 48MB visualization memory this is a full power CPU for medium and large applications. It is the right solution for panels with larger diagonals (up to 15,6”) and higher resolutions (up to 1366x768px) and contains some more visualization features than the smaller CPUs. For the PLCs the range of communication interfaces is completed with optional Profinet IO Controller. All the other interfaces are onboard: Ethernet (S7-communication, TCP, UDP), Modbus (TCP, RTU), CAN (CANopen and Layer2), RS232 and RS485 (free ASCII). Now a slim version oth the S7-CPU-T allows flat systems and is ised in devices like HMIs and Panel-PLCs without Profinet.

– for CC and PC with Profnet,
– for all CC and PC with onboard IOs
– for HMI and PC without Profnet
Integrated in all …-T devices.
Technical data (CPU T)