Precise, variable and economical – INSEVIS  analog I/Os

The easy configuration of the mess- and address ranges by the configuration software ConfigStage are only one advantage of the analog periphery modules of INSEVIS. Each module has its special functionality like the automatic regulation from 12 to 16bit resolution (incl. +-sign) or the selection of 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection technology including a range of sensors. Always ready to label with your logo and article-number. And of course you can use your PID blocks from Siemens for the analog value processing in the INSEVIS-PLCs as well.

PM-AI4O4-02Periphery module 4 analog in- and 4 analog outputs U/I
PM-AI8O2-02Periphery module 8 analog in- and 2 analog outputs PT/I
PM-RTD8O2-02Periphery module 8 resistor in- and 2 analog outputs U/I
Technical data PM-AI4O4 – English
Technical data PM-AI8O2 – English
Technical data PM-RTD8O2 – English
Technical data PM-MIO84 – English
Manual PM (all) – English
Accessories PM (all) – English
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