S7-Panel-PLC 7″ with onboard periphery slots

If you integrate 7 slots for INSEVIS periphery modules into the PC710T, you will get this device. All the existing advantages combined with different modular periphery onboard. These Panel-PLCs are only 95mm deep and contain up to 126 digital or 70 analog I/Os below the metal rear cover, what can be customized on each slot. The brilliant display and the lots of visualization features are not to compare with basic devices and contain all the S7-CPU-T memorie sizes and interfaces and optional Profinet IO Controller. Beside the classic control applications this units are often used as data logger, PDA-devices or gateways wit data preprocessing by S7.

PC717T-0-027″-Panel-PLC with integrated CPU-T
PC717T-PNC-027″-Panel-PLC with integrated Profinet IO Controller and CPU-T
Technical data PC717T (all) – English
Manual PC717T (all) – English
Accessories PC717T (all) – English
Template cut out 1:1 PC717T (all)
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