The perfect simple service tool for S7- maintenance

Maintenance software must be very simple and smart. And it should be download compiled files only to protect source code from illegal use. The ServiceStage is one of the most simple maintenance tools for INSEVIS-CPUs. Everybody does understand it immediately and can use it directly. And it uses wld- and binary files only, so that the maintenance job can be done by the customer or external companies as well. This tool can set a real hard know-how-protection to prevent illegal reading and writing, what protects much harder than any password. Also interesting: create backup files online and copy your data as binary to another Panel or PLC of the same type without PC, just only by a standard Micro-SD-card. And: ServiceStage asks if it shall keep the local IP-address, if it is different from the one in the project – just to keep you connected after update. In 2019-design now …

ServiceStageSoftware tool for maintenance
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