Think twice – work hard – stay independent

S7-alternatives from INSEVIS are results of long term experiences, developments and, exhaustive testing. We are obsessed with high product quality, fast service and customer support that is second to none. Our S7-alternatives allow a very simple, efficient and cost effective way for providing automation using S7 compatible products. Our products do not restrict you by excluding other manufacturers solutions, panels or peripheries. Your highest value  is your independence – and we provide you with an upgrade path that allows our new products to work in harmony with your old automation systems.

To for all S7-users we offer our all-embracing remote-visualization software for all Siemens-S7-PLCs free of charge. Feel free to give us a try, trial for free,  see first hand the benefit of putting your trust in us, for free and become independent. This is the way we generate satisfied users and customers – the Insevis way.

Here you can find our action list for the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. Let us work together to master the difficult time ahead and let us not forget that this requirement is also a test of our character and social responsibility.

Our customers

INSEVIS-customers are professional automation partners, looking for a high quality but low budget solution. Something, what is easy to implement in an S7-automation area and what is available and updatable for a very long time. They keep their independence will will support this essentially.

Our philosophy

We are German engineers – what else is to say. You can expect products based on knowledge instead of assumtions. Our production is certified and equipped with latest technology. And you can expect fair minded business partners, open minded and with a clear vision where to go.