Variable down to the single bit – our S7-digital modules

The range of our S7-digital module contains a lot. Single digital inputs for 24V, relay outputs for 230V as single potential free contacts or configurable digital in-/output modules for 24V. Each of the  <20mm smart S7- digital modules contains state-LEDs, a 45° angled and space-saving connect area and can be labeled wit customized logos. INSEVIS stands for permanent innovation, even at the digital signals layer too. As example the backreadable digital outputs can be configured by a free configuration software, if the output or input shall be used. So this DIO16-module can be used as a spare module for some I/Os to spend it during commissioning the application…

PM-DI16-02Periphery module 16 digital inputs 24V
PM-DIO16-02Periphery module 16 digital in- or outputs 24V
PM-DO4-RPeriphery module 4 relay outputs 230V
PM-MIO84Periphery module 8 digital and 4 analog in- or outputs + counter
Technical data PM-DI16 – English
Technical data PM-DIO16 – English
Technical data PM-DO4R – English
Technical data PM-MIO84 – English
Manual PM (all) – English
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