Variable down to the single bit -INSEVIS digital I/Os

Single digital inputs for 24V, relay outputs for 230V as single  potential free contacts or configurable digital in-/output modules for 24V – each of the  <20mm smart periphery units contains state-LEDs, a 45° angled and space-saving connect area and can be labeled wit customized logos. INSEVIS stands for permanent innovation, even at the digital signals layer too: As example the backreadable digital outputs can be configured ba software, if the output or input shall be used. So this DIO16-module can be used as a spare module for some I/Os to spend it during commissioning the application…

PM-DI16-02Periphery module 16 digital inputs 24V
PM-DIO16-02Periphery module 16 digital in- or outputs 24V
PM-DO4-RPeriphery module 4 relay outputs 230V
PM-MIO84Periphery module 8 digital and 4 analog in- or outputs + counter
Technical data PM-DI16 – English
Technical data PM-DIO16 – English
Technical data PM-DO4R – English
Technical data PM-MIO84 – English
Manual PM (all) – English
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