Large: S7-Panel 15″ with 1366×768 pixel resolution

This size is actual the largest INSEVIS-Panel-HMI. The integrated CPU-T has enough power to switch display menus of this S7-Panel-HMI very fast to impress your customer. Why not grading up your application by this huge Panel-HMI? You will have no problem in communication with Siemens-S7-CPUs by Ethernet because of active S7-communication. A 4x VNC-server is integrated to act as remote interface. And you still will have problem at all in your project cost estimation. Create your brand in a customized firmware to display your own automation competence.
The identical EDGE HMIs have integrated IIoT functions with particularly simple configuration.

HMI1560T-0-03Touchpanel-HMI 15,6″ with integrated CPU-T
Technical data Panel/EDGE-HMI1560
Manual Panel/EDGE-HMI1560
Accessories Panel/EDGE-HMI1560
Template cut out 1:1 T – Panel/EDGE-HMI1560
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