Small S7-PLCs with 3 periphery slots 82mm wide

These small S7-PLCs provide additional 3 periphery slots for INSEVIS- periphery below the 82mm wide metal rear cover. Of course they contain a large working- (512kB/1MB) and load memory (2MB/8MB). Also a lot of interfaces like Ethernet (S7-communication put/get, TCP, UDP), Modbus (-TCP and -RTU), CAN (CANopen and Layer2), RS232 and RS485 (free ASCII). Profibus DP V0 (Master/Slave at CPU-V) resp. Profinet IO Controller (at CPU-T, what provides 2 separated Ethernet-ports too) are available optionalls. Every slot can be labeled with customer logo and article number.

CC303V-0-03DIN-rail S7-PLC with integrated CPU-V
CC303V-DPM-03DIN-rail S7-PLC with Profibus DP V0 Master and integrated CPU-V
CC303V-DPS-03DIN-rail S7-PLC with Profibus DP V0 Slave and integrated CPU-V
CC303T-0-02DIN-rail S7-PLC with integrated CPU-T
CC303T-PNC-02DIN-rail S7-PLC with Profinet IO Controller and integrated CPU-T
Technical data CC303V – English
Technical data CC303T – English
Manual CC303V/T (all) – English
Accessories CC303V/T (all) – English
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