Superslim S7-Panel 4,3″ with 480×272 pixel resolution

This narrow S7-Panel 4,3″ has a mounting depth of 25mm only. But the 4,3″ display with 16:9-format is characterized by its fine pixels, his fast CPU-T and large memory resources (48MB). Beside that the page switching is extremly fast, because ther eis no Windows or Linux on it. This makes it suitable for low budget solutions or subsidiary panel in the S7-network. Low power consumption and large temperature range from -20°…+60°C expands the fields of application nearly endless. The metal front frame with protection class IP65 underlines the high quality impression just on the first view. A 2-port Ethernet-switch is available and the integrated 4xVNC-server can be used as remote interface. Meanwhile some customers decided for a customized front plate and include their own cut-outs, outline and colors. This allows to integrate a modern, ultrafast and economic S7-Panel 4,3″ directly into their application.
The identical EDGE HMIs have integrated IIoT functions with particularly simple configuration.

HMI430T-0-03Touchpanel-HMI 4,3″ with integrated CPU-T
Technical data Panel/EDGE-HMI430
Manual Panel/EDGE-HMI430 – English
Accessories Panel/EDGE-HMI430T – English
Template cut out 1:1 Panel/EDGE-HMI430
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