S7-Panel-PLC 15″ flat – fixed periphery onboard

The PC1561T panel PLC extends the well-known PC1560T panel PLC with the fixed peripheral module already used in smaller devices with 12 digital inputs or outputs (bitwise switchable and with PWM and push-pull functions), 12 digital inputs (counter with 1kHz/100kHz), 3 analogue channels (each input or output and each for current or voltage) and 3 further analogue inputs for current, voltage, RTD, thermocouples and strain gauges. The incredibly flat design of just 54mm allows many applications with particularly compact requirements.

PC1561T-0-0315,6″-Panel-PLC with integrated CPU-T and fixed IOs onboard
Technical data PC1561T – English
Manual PC156xT – English
Accessories PC156xT (all) – English
Template cut out 1:1 PC156xT (all)
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