S7-Panel-7″ with 800×480 pixel (WVGA) resolution

This S7-Panel-7″ with 800×480 pixel (WVGA ) is the step into medium sized applications. Low budget is the price only, the quality and the number of functions is extraordinary. 1024 alarms, 128 events, 64 recipes with 256 elements and 256 records, 64 trend channels, 8 users, unlimited languages, etc. shall be enough top convince your customer. Of course with your logo on the metal front plate. Referring the cut-out, it is installation-compatible to all 7″ devices of INSEVIS.  ATTENTION: state discontinued! (No delivery any more)

HMI700P-0-03Touchpanel-HMI 7″ with integrated CPU-P
Technical data HMI700P – English
Manual HMI700P – English
Accessories HMI700P – English
Template cut out 1:1 HMI700P
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