Slim S7-PLC – with fixed IOs onboard

In addition to the S7-PLC CC300T with its large working memory and lots of interfaces (2x Ethernet (S7 communication Put/Get, -TCP and -UDP), Modbus (-TCP and -RTU), CAN (CANopen and Layer2), RS232 and RS485 (free ASCII), 12 digital inputs or outputs (PWM, PushPull), 12 counting inputs (1kHz/100kHz), 3 analogue inputs or outputs (for current or voltage) and 3 analogue inputs (for current, voltage, resistance measurement, thermocouple and strain gauge). And all well protected in a metal housing.

CC301T-0-03DIN-rail S7-PLC with integrated CPU-T – with fixed IOs
Technical data CC301T – English
Manual CC3xxV/T (all) – English
Accessories CC3xxV/T (all) – English
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