Precise, variable and economical – S7-analog modules

The configuration of the mess- and address ranges of our S7-analog modules is very easy. It is done by the configuration software ConfigStage. But this is only one advantage of the S7-analog modules of INSEVIS. Each module has its special functionality like the automatic regulation from 12 to 16bit resolution (incl. +-sign) or the selection of 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection technology including a range of sensors. Always ready to label with your logo and article-number. And of course you can use your PID blocks from Siemens for the analog value processing in the INSEVIS-PLCs as well.

PM-AI4O4-02Periphery module 4 analog in- and 4 analog outputs U/I
PM-AI8O2-02Periphery module 8 analog in- and 2 analog outputs PT/I
PM-RTD8O2-02Periphery module 8 resistor in- and 2 analog outputs U/I
PM-AI8-02Periphery module 8 analog inputs U/I
PM-MIO84Periphery module 8 analog in/outputs U/I + 8 dI/Os
Technical data PM-AI4O4 – English
Technical data PM-AI8O2 – English
Technical data PM-RTD8O2 – English
Technical data PM-AI8 – English
Technical data PM-MIO84 – English
Manual PM (all) – English
Accessories PM (all) – English
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